A fully automatic high-speed sticker labeling machine is a type of labeling equipment that is used to apply adhesive labels to products at a high speed and with a high level of accuracy. These machines are commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and consumer packaged goods.

Fully automatic high-speed sticker labeling machines typically operate by using a series of rollers to feed the products through the machine and into position for labeling. The labels are then dispensed from a roll or stack and applied to the product using a labeling head. The labeling head can be configured to apply labels to various surfaces, such as the top, bottom, or sides of a product.

Some features that may be found on a fully automatic high-speed sticker labeling machine include:

Adjustable labeling speed: The speed at which the labels are applied can often be adjusted to match the production rate of the products being labeled.

Label placement accuracy: High-speed sticker labeling machines are designed to apply labels with a high level of accuracy, ensuring that they are placed consistently and without misalignment.

Multiple labeling heads: Some machines may be equipped with multiple labeling heads, allowing them to apply labels to multiple sides of a product simultaneously.

Label detection sensors: These sensors can detect when a label has run out or if there is an issue with the labeling process, allowing the machine to automatically stop and alert the operator.

Automatic product and label handling: Fully automatic high-speed sticker labeling machines are designed to handle both the products and labels automatically, requiring minimal operator intervention.

Overall, a fully automatic high-speed sticker labeling machine can help to increase the efficiency and accuracy of the labeling process, while also reducing the need for manual labor.


Automatic Round Bottle Labeling Machine is able to label different containers of different materials.

Application container:all kind of plastic, glass, metal, etc.


This type of automatic sticker labeling system consists of the main structure, product transmission belt with guide adjustment, label dispensing unit, label pressing system, motor, sensor, mains on/off, emergency switch, PLC.

Packaging smaples:

Fully Auto High-Speed Labeling Machine

Product nameStandard High-Speed Chuck Type Positioning Labeling Machine
MaterialAluminum stainless steel
Production capacity60-90 bottles/minute(circumferential stickers, depending on the length of the label); 50-70 bottles/min(circumferential positioning stickers, depending on the length of the label)
Labeling accuracy±1mm
Electricity demand220V 50Hz
Applicable product sizeHeight 50-300mm, diameter range 52-80mm(other specifications need to change the chuck)
Gross weight (kg)650kg

1. The labeling machine is applicable to square bottles, round bottles.

2. Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, prevent leakage and label waste.

3. Sticker fast and steady, adopt the top roller to caress the workpiece, transport smoothly.

4. The machine applies the famous band serve motor, so it realizes real closed loop controlling and it avoids the phenomenon of the ordinary stepper motor, high precision refinement, built-in absolute encoder. All this is designed to improve the accuracy.

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